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The Quiet Men - on stage at a wedding
The Quiet Men - on stage at a wedding


The Quiet Men are Oxfordshire (England)'s hardest working ceilidh band. We specialise in playing weddings and parties people hire us specifically because our music appeals to all ages.

We play a unique mix of Scottish, Irish and contemporary material ... such as REM, Crowded House, Snow Patrol, The Cure ...

Not many ceilidh bands play instrumentals and sing rock and pop covers. Even fewer pull it off with such professionalism and sheer FUN.

Our performances are lively and enjoyable and we always goes down very very well. And don't let our name fool you - it's ironic because we're not quiet, nor are we all men ... not since Tara joined us on fiddle.

Dancers going wild at a wedding
Dancers going wild at a wedding

What's a Ceilidh?

A ceilidh is a celtic party with live music, where everyone joins in and dances and everyone has a great time. It's similar to a barn dance but, you'll be relieved to hear, it's not at all like a "line dance"!

Our expert caller, Dan, will guide you through the dance steps before letting you loose on "The Gay Gordons" or "Strip The Willow". He is patient and funny ... and a pretty mean bass player too. The Quiet Men can transform any collection of people, of any age range, into a
   s e e t h i n g   m a s s   o f   s w e a t y   b o d i e s
People just love to get up and have a go at ceilidh dancing.

If ceilidh dancing isn't on the agenda then listening will definitely be fun for all and the band often play concerts and festivals where the combination of great music and powerful performance bowl people over. The band use the latest of modern technology to bring you an up to date presentation of a range of musical styles.

Some of The Quiet Men - in a huddle with a few friends
Some of The Quiet Men - in a huddle with a few friends


The band members have a huge range of experience in performing live music. In fact on average each member has 20 years of experience under their belt. Every member of the band is a multi-instrumentalist and each brings their own unique character to the bands sound.

Over the years we've played in all sorts of venues, including stately homes, hotels, pubs, clubs, village halls and marquees. Prestigious venues which bands members have played at include:

The Royal Albert Hall (London), Blenheim Palace (Woodstock), Warwick Castle, the Grovenor House Hotel (Park Lane, London), the Barracks of The Household Cavalry (Kensington, London), the Royal Opera House (Covent Garden, London), Pitville Pump Rooms (Cheltenham), The Guildhall (London) and Buckingham Palace.

Members have also appeared on national Radio and TV. Our main piper, Steve Duffy appeared in James Bond film The World Is Not Enough and both Steve Duffy and Richard Jasper played on BBC's Blue Peter programme, sharing the bill with Brittany Spears!


The talent and versatility of the band members combined with our depth of experience mean that The Quiet Men offer incredible variety and flexibility in instrumentation, sound and styles of music..

Although we plays lots of music which comes from folk traditions, we do so in a lively and entertaining manner and we're not afraid to rock things up a bit when the time is right. This means we are ideally suited to any event where there are guests of all ages.

The majority of our gigs are at weddings and we never fail to go down fantastically well. The mix of songs and instrumentals means that you can dance or listen, or even listen while you are dancing.


The band uses a various combinations of the following instruments .......

Small Pipes Wind operated wotnots
Scottish Smallpipes, Low Whistle, Penny Whistle, Great Highland Bagpipes and Anglo Concertina.
Jono Fiddle Things with strings
Fiddle, Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar.
Bodhrán Bits that get beaten & battered
Drum Kit, Bodhrán, Snare Drum, Doumbek, Shakers, Rattlers and assorted Percussion.

Book The Quiet Men NOW!

So if you're looking for a ceilidh band with attitude, talent and fun, book The Quiet Men now!

Email us at and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

We're also pleased to hear from customers with more adventurous requirements as we enjoy a challenge and will be only too happy to assist in ensuring your event exceeds all expectations. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we will assist in developing a knockout event.