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SteveD - Bagpipes & Whistles

SteveD on pipes

Steve learnt his piping skills in the Scots Guards, where he served for many years, including active service in the Falklands, where he was wounded in the battle of Tumbledown Mountain.

Steve D is the leader of the band and mainly plays the tuneful Scottish Small Pipes. He also plays the beautiful sounding Low Whistle during a normal Ceilidh performance. Steve is also responsible for most of the patter and if you're really unlucky will tell you some of his cleaner jokes.

Steve usually incorporates at least a little bit of Great Highland Bagpipes (that's GHB to some and GBH to others) into the last part of the bands performance. Steve has played the GHB for many years having earned his Pipe Major's certificate while still in the Army.

Just occasionally Steve will attempt to play some or other percussion instrument but only as long as it takes for the rest of us to take it off him.

Al - Drums

Al on drums

Al is the new boy in the band and is the powerhouse behind The Quiet Men sound.

Al's first love is country rock but we have been blown away by the way he has adapted to ceilidh music and he now rocks up country dancing. If only he was 5 stone heavier he'd fit in perfectly ...

Tara - Fiddle

Tara on fiddle

When Tara joined The Quiet Men we knew we'd found the sound we always wanted. The band finally felt complete.

Tara looks like an angel and plays fiddle like a demon.We dare anyone to standstill while Tara rips up a fantasic Irish jig - it just can't be done!

Dan - Bass, Anglo-Concertina & Caller

Dan on bass

Dan comes from the West Country, where things like Morris Dancing and playing the squeeze-box are still considered normal.

His main job in the band is playing the electric bass guitar, but recently Dan has taken on the role of Caller and will guide the audience through some of the more popular ceildh dances with the patience of a Drill Sergeant. But be warned, he will also perform songs by the Wurzels or Fred wedlock at the slightest hint of encouragement!

Rich - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bodhrán, Bagpipes

Rich on guitar

Richard is the tallest member of The Quiet Men has 25 years experience of playing and singing in bands. For the most part Richard plays acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals - and what a voice! However he will often give a demonstration of his demon bodhran playing during a gig.

Rich is also pretty mean player of the Great Highland Bagpipes if required and served as the Pipe Sergeant of the Banbury & District Caledonian Pipe Band.

SteveW - Mandolin, Mandola, Electric Guitar, Banjo

SteveW on electric guitar

Steve is the largest member of The Quiet Men and originally comes from the North East of England.

The expression 'multitalented' was probably invented for Steve. He started out playing bass for The Quiet Men, then moved onto the drums (his first instrument) and is now playing a variety of guitars, mandolins and banjos as well as being the band's sound engineer.

Steve has over 20 years gigging experience and has played with, and guested in, over 40 bands during that time. If you listen really closely you may even hear him sing occasionally.

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